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ROV Automation Engineer - IKM Consultants AS
IKM Consultants AS is a company within the IKM Group. The company is one of Norway's largest Norwegian owned consultant companies, which offers multi-discipline engineers both nationally and internationally. Our consultants have a high level of education and experience. They participate in all project phases; from initial studies and planning activities to project execution and close-out. Our company is growing continuously and require competent people to supplement our existing staff.
ROV Automation Engineer
Permanent Position: ROV Automation Engineer
The main responsibility of the ROV Automation Engineer are summarized as follows:

* Maintain, evaluate and develop all aspects of Merlin Database with the purpose of streamlining functions, user interface and every subject connected to this
* Overview and control of the applicable security protocols, IT, PLS, networking and database system relevant for our operations
* Maintain, develop and improve web-applications
* Adapt and transform company's internal processes to high functioning code. Work together with inter-disciplinary teams to improve processes across departments
* Develop code to meet future requirements of condition monitoring, and machine-learning Participate in strategic evaluations and effectuate new code
* Participate in the evaluation and budgetary work regarding purchase, integration and upgrades of software .Take ownership on development quality control and release of the software
* Responsible for the ROV onshore control room software functionality, integrity and development
* Maintain and develop existing code on our ROVs and connected subsea-components
* Be the point of contact when faultfinding on automation and IT related matters
* Give input, create and implement code to integrate external equipment on our ROV-systems
* Develop and implement RCM software in compliance with NORSOK Z-008
* Actively participate in the technical support team and fault find on offshore ROV-systems
* If requested, travel to work-site and give support to project in cooperation with offshore crew, project engineer and project
Required expertise
* Formal education within automation
* Preferably a University degree
* Technical knowledge of ROV systems
* Extensive knowledge within (MSSQL, HTML, PHP, Javascript), PLCs (Omron, Beckhoff) and HMI software (Omron, Beijer)
* Preferably knowledge within CAD and DCC, but not a requirement

Location: Bryne
Start: 01.03.2019

About the company:

IKM Subsea is a Norwegian ROV operator. We are owned by IKM Group a multidiscipline sub supplier to the oil and gas industry.

We have offices in Norway, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia. We also have representatives in West Africa and China.

The Merlin ROV system represents a new generation electrical work class ROV with extreme performance and increased reliability. The vehicle is based on hardwired electrical propulsion system, composite material frame and intuitive man-machine interface. It will surpass any other ROV system of this class.

We have a fleet of Merlin ROVs available for rental for short term and long term contracts.

IKM also provide a competent crew. Our offshore personnel are experienced in ROVs and subsea operations globally.

Our Onshore Control Center together with our state of the art ROV' offer cost saving and several added value features to our clients and partners.
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